Who are the best broadband providers for 2019?

Best Broadband Providers 2019
Monday, 18 November 2019

Want to know which broadband provider offers the best Fibre plans? Or which has the best customer support? Or perhaps the best rural plans?

Early in November, broadband industry professionals came together to celebrate the best in broadband for 2019. The annual Broadband Compare TUANZ Awards are held by us, Broadband Compare, and TUANZ a not-for-profit tech membership association.

Why do the Broadband Awards matter? At Broadband Compare we are passionate about helping people make an informed choice about broadband. And, with over 100 broadband providers across NZ all vying for new deals and offers, it can be hard to differentiate which provider is actually best.

The Broadband Awards are an annual opportunity to officially recognise the broadband providers that are at the top of their game and delivery great value to their customers.

Read on to learn who is the best of the best for 2019!

Stuff Fibre

Stuff Fibre - Supreme winner, Best Fibre & Broadband Innovation

Stuff Fibre walked award as the big winners in Broadband for 2019. They won the Best Fibre Broadband Provider for the third year running and Best Broadband Innovation 2019. They also won the 2 supreme awards for NZ Provider of the Year, and were voted the best provider of 2019 by the NZ public in the People’s Choice Awards.

Stuff Fibre pride themselves on choosing to do one thing really well – fibre. If you are looking for top notch Fibre broadband, with simple broadband packages that put you in control, then Stuff Fibre is the way to go!

Compare Stuff Fibre plans


Farmside - Best Rural & Best Wireless Provider

If you live in a rural or isolated area, you are probably familiar with the challenges of getting a good broadband connection.

Farmside were recognised for their dedication to connecting people in rural and very remote parts of New Zealand. They were the well-deserved winner of the Best Rural Service Provider and Best Wireless Provider awards.

Judge’s were impressed with Farmside’s innovation and their dedication to service large portion of rural and very remote NZ. An innovative company that continues to look at opportunities to provide ways to connect rural NZ!

Compare Farmside plans

NOW - Best Customer Support

NOW Broadband were recognised for a second year for their commitment to providing excellent customer service as winners of Best Customer Support in 2018 and 2019. They were New Zealand's first telco to realise that kiwi's needed help inside their homes and businesses, not just over the phone. Their friendly experts have been doing what no other provider was prepared to do: visit their customers’ homes and offices to help.

If you are looking for a competitive broadband deal, you can be confident of a great customer support experience with NOW Broadband.

Compare NOW Broadband Plans

Trustpower - Best Bundled Plan

Broadband Compare customers are quickly recognizing the benefits of bundling their broadband. Trustpower won Best Bundled Plan 2019. Bundle your power, gas, broadband and phone and see the benefits quickly add up.

Compare bundled plans

MegaTEL - Best Service Provider under 10,000

MegaTEL won Best Service Provider under 10,000 customers for third year running. The judges were impress with MegaTEL’s commitment to providing multi-lingual customer support options with English, Korean and Chinese service. It is impressive to see an organisation understand its customer needs and deliver service that meets these.  An innovative ISP with some excellent packages and forward thinking approaches.

Compare MegaTEL plans


2degrees - Best Service Provider over 10,000

2degree won Best Service Provider over 10,000 customers. Benefit from a large broadband and mobile phone provider – with free standard install, savings when you bundle your broadband and mobile, backup broadband through your 2degrees mobile, kiwi-based customer care, and perks like Amazon Prime

Compare 2degree broadband plans

Wireless Nation

Wireless Nation - Best Specialist Provider

Looking for a broadband plan that doesn’t quite fit in the box? Wireless Nation, winner of Best Specialist Broadband Provider 2019, specialist in providing internet access anywhere you want it. If you’re looking for urban broadband, rural broadband or even ‘lifestyle’ broadband from your motorhome or caravan – Wireless Nation will get you connected.

Compare Wireless Nation plan

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