How to switch broadband: A simple guide

First of all, make sure that you understand the terms of your current broadband contract before you switch.  This is usually quick and easy to find out and should be on your bill or available if you contact your current broadband supplier.  You need to confirm that you're no longer within the minimum contract terms of your agreement with your current NZ broadband provider.  If you cancel a contract before it's minimum term is up it may mean an early termination fee (ETF). In addition, some providers might have a notice period of up to 30 days meaning you have to notify them in advance of your plans to switch. So check that first.  In some cases, if you do the maths or you are simply exasperated with your current internet provider it will STILL be worth switching broadband provider right away.

So, once you have checked that… let's get switching.

How to switch broadband provider

1. Compare different broadband plans – look at ALL the options

First of all, simply type your address into our broadband checker, and we'll give you a breakdown of the types of broadband connection available at your property and all the broadband packages from all the NZ broadband providers that you can get in your area.

Then you need to filter results to see if you are looking for naked broadband (just internet connection) or a broadband and landline bundle.  Make sure you filter and sort your results by the features and options that are most important to your household.  That may be superfast gigabit speeds, unlimited data, the cheapest broadband price, a preferred ISP or the Broadband Compare rating.

If you want more information on specific NZ broadband provider, then take a look at the individual pages for each internet company listing all their plans and additional information on each provider.

2. Choose a broadband plan and click to sign up

After you’ve compared broadband plans and internet providers and browsed through your results, you will hopefully spot a broadband package that catches your eye, suits your household's broadband requirements and meets your budgeted amount, then the next step is simple, just give it a click of course.  This'll take you through to a window where we’ll ask for your contact details and then, if the broadband provider is a partner of Broadband Compare we’ll refer you on to the ISP's website where you can go ahead and sign up directly.

If you don’t want to, or are uncomfortable signing up directly online and you’d prefer to chat with one of our Broadband Compare experts over the phone, then either give us a call straight away on 0508 2COMPARE (226672) or we’ll give you a call you on the number you’ve left on your chosen package and talk you through the sign up process.

3. You're done!  Sit back and wait for your new broadband

Yep, that is almost all there is to it! From the moment you register your details and agree on a contract with your new broadband provider they will get the ball rolling for you.  

Depending on which broadband provider you have signed up with they will send you confirmation emails, text message confirmation, and, in most cases (but not always), contact your current provider to get your old contract cancelled and transferred to them. 

We would strongly recommend contacting your new provider in regards to your next steps, they may vary depends on the provider.

Over the next couple of days, you'll then be given a date when your broadband plan will switch over to your new broadband provider, all your official documentation will arrive, in most cases via email and post and you'll often be sent out a brand new router from your new ISP.  All you then need to do is set the router up (instructions will be included) and connect your devices up and you’re away!

4. How long will it take to change broadband provider?

Whilst every connection and switch is slightly different the below gives some ballpark ranges. 

ADSL = An average lead time of 1-5 working days

VDSL = An average lead time of 1-5 working days

Fibre = Around 1-2 working days if fibre is already installed at the property and between 1-8 weeks if a new fibre installation - this depends on location in the country, type of install and your availability to attend meetings etc at your property.  Well worth the wait though!


Switching Broadband FAQ

Do I have to cancel my old broadband provider?

We would always say YES as it is better to be safe than sorry, particularly if you are changing connection type – for example upgrading from ADSL to Fibre – as this may result in your being charged twice, so for the sake of good order we would always recommend contacting your old supplier just to make sure they are aware that you have made a switch and everything is covered off.   In the past, you needed to get a piece of information from your old broadband provider to pass on to your new broadband provider so they can switch your internet plan over - but there's no need for this anymore.  These days, your new broadband provider will do most of the running around for you… as they should, you’re a new customer and they will be hoping to impress!

Are there any hidden costs to switching broadband provider?

Broadband Compare lists all the fees that you may be subject to when you compare and any other fees should be very up clear during the process of sign up with your new provider and they will be upfront about what costs you need to pay before you sign up to your new package. It's normal for this to sometimes include a charge for installation or connection and a courier fee for the delivery of your router.

How long will I be without broadband for?

Hopefully not long at all.  Usually, the changeover of broadband providers is very speedy and you'll rarely be without broadband for more than a couple of hours at the most.  In some cases, if you are switching to a new fibre broadband provider and getting UFB installed at your property whilst your previous connection was an ADSL or VDSL plan you may even end up with two connections for a few hours! 

Will an engineer need to visit?

Unless you are setting up a new fibre broadband connection then probably not.  The main part of switching doesn't usually happen within your home but at the telephone exchange.  It's pretty much just a case of plugging in your router once the connection into your property is live.  However, as we mentioned earlier you will need an engineer to visit in certain circumstances, especially if this is a move from ADSL or VDSL to a fibre broadband connection.  These extra steps are fully explained in other areas of our broadband guide.  As with a ‘standard’ connection, your broadband provider will handle the bulk of the administration and will tell you about this when you sign up.

In addition, if you're not confident setting the router up yourself with the instructions that are provided, you can usually drop a call in to the majority of broadband providers and they will walk you through the set up.  In some cases they can come out and visit but that will probably cost extra.

Ready to switch broadband provider?

Compare NZ broadband plans and providers and switch now!


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