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Fibre. Not the stuff you find in Weetbix, but the best broadband technology available in NZ.  Fibre Broadband can be a confusing thing… But Broadband Compare NZ is here to help you find the best fibre broadband deal in NZ.

Fibre Broadband is the best way to improve our broadband connection and get the fastest broadband available from NZ internet providers.  From the cheapest fibre broadband NZ offers to award-winning fibre broadband providers who are acknowledged as delivering the best fibre broadband NZ has available in the Broadband Compare Awards.  

Best Fibre Broadband Provider

If you need the best fibre deals NZ has available then Broadband Compare is all you need to compare fibre broadband NZ wide and find the best NZ fibre deals.

Fibre Broadband can come in all shapes and sizes. No contract fibre broadband and no contract fibre broadband deals, contract fibre broadband, fibre broadband deals and a range of wireless broadband and wireless broadband deals.  All broadband providers NZ wide are listed on Broadband Compare.  Broadband deals and broadband offers that are exclusive to Broadband Compare can only be found on Broadband Compare.  Simple to use and quick and easy.  Just enter your address and we will query the NZ Broadband Map to find the best broadband available at your property whether that is fibre broadband, VDSL broadband, ADSL broadband or a wireless broadband connection.

No Contract Fibre Broadband - Can I get it?

In short, yes.  There are actually a number of no contract fibre broadband plans available in the market from a number of different NZ internet providers.  As with all fibre broadband plans you can search, filter and compare no contract fibre broadband providers on Broadband Compare. One that we often recommend for no contract fibre is Stuff Fibre as they were the inaugaral winner of the Broadband Compare Award for Best Fibre Broadband Provider.  Find your no contract fibre broadband provider now.

Fibre Broadband Deals with Broadband Compare

Broadband Compare offers a huge range of fibre broadband deals from all of the NZ fibre internet providers.  This could be the major telecoms brands like Vodafone Fibre Broadband, Spark Fibre Broadband or Slingshot Fibre Broadband or the new breed of fibre broadband-only providers like MyRepublic Fibre Broadband and Stuff Fibre.

At Broadband Compare, we believe that broadband is an increasingly essential service and a better internet experience is vital to everybody’s future so be sure to compare internet providers NZ today.

Fibre Broadband is the best available technology to improve broadband and internet experience for everyone.  It can deliver large amounts of data further and faster than the alternatives and will provide a powerful platform for innovation and growth.

Broadband Compare is the most comprehensive online comparison website for comparing internet providers in NZ.  We focus on comparing broadband plans and providers for homes and business.

The Broadband Compare ethos is set around finding you the best broadband plan for your needs whilst educating around the benefits of fibre broadband and driving adoption of fibre broadband as it is rolled out across New Zealand.

New Zealand’s Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) initiative is one of the most radical and pioneering internet upgrades anywhere in the world and this once-in-a-lifetime infrastructure upgrade is all about the success of NZ – helping Kiwi communities, people and businesses thrive with access to faster broadband.  The NZ$1.35 billion public-private UFB partnership will roll out fibre-to-the-home connection in all main towns and cities with a population over 10,000.  The project is well underway and as of December 2016 is 70% complete (with 21 towns/cities having their UFB build completed – details below) and uptake is already at around 30%. 

You can check if you can get Fibre Broadband by clicking here and dropping your address into our free to use search tool.

Faster, more consistent broadband speeds will help people and businesses use the Internet to be more efficient and effective. It will help families and communities connect to each other and to society and it will help our Kiwi businesses get products and services to the rest of the country, and the rest of the world from our little corner of paradise here in New Zealand.

Which areas have fibre broadband in NZ?

There are currently 21 areas of NZ that are fully fibre internet ready.  These areas are Whangarei, Te Awamutu, Oamaru, Cambridge, Tokoroa, Hawera, Ashburton, Blenheim, Whanganui, Taupō, Timaru, Greymouth, Masterton, New Plymouth, Hamilton, Tauranga, Waiuku, Rotorua, Queenstown, Whakatane and most recently, Waiheke Island.

Click on the link about your area below to read more about fibre broadband in that area and to search for the best internet plan for your needs from 99 different NZ internet providers:

Ashburton Internet Providers

Auckland Internet Providers

Blenheim Internet Providers

Cambridge Internet Providers

Christchurch Internet Providers

Dunedin Internet Providers

Feilding Internet Providers

Gisborne Internet Providers

Greymouth Internet Providers

Hamilton Internet Providers

Hawera Internet Providers

Invercargill Internet Providers

Kapiti Internet Providers

Levin Internet Providers

Masterton Internet Providers

Napier Internet Providers

Nelson Internet Providers

New Plymouth Internet Providers

Oamaru Internet Providers

Palmerston North Internet Providers

Pukekohe Internet Providers

Queenstown Internet Providers

Rotorua Internet Providers

Taupō Internet Providers

Tauranga Internet Providers

Te Awamutu Internet Providers

Timaru Internet Providers

Tokoroa Internet Providers

Waiheke Island Internet Providers

Waiuku Internet Providers

Wellington Internet Providers

Whakatane Internet Providers

Whanganui Internet Providers

Whangarei Internet Providers

There are more and more fibre areas being completed in NZ all the time including finalising the fibre rollout in major cities like Auckland, Dunedin, Christchurch and Wellington.  You can still drop your address in to our tool that will state your best current internet connection and allow you to compare NZ ISP’s and let you compare internet providers in NZ.

Best Fibre Plans NZ wide are all listed on Broadband Compare.  Fibre Broadband is available from over 100 Fibre Broadband Providers in NZ and if you want the Best Fibre Plans than Broadband Compare NZ is here to help you.  Compare fibre plans at your address here.

If you need the best fibre plans and fibre deals NZ has available then Broadband Compare is all you need to compare fibre broadband NZ wide and find the best NZ fibre plans.

Fibre Broadband can come in all shapes and sizes and so you need to be confident that you get the best fibre plan and Broadband Compare will make sure of that.  Compare Fibre Broadband Plans here or read on for more details on the available fibre broadband plans in NZ.  See all fibre broadband plans here.

No contract fibre broadband plans and no contract fibre broadband deals, contract fibre broadband plans, fibre broadband deals and a range of wireless broadband plans and wireless broadband deals.  All broadband providers NZ wide are listed on Broadband Compare but if it is fibre broadband that you are looking for than you are in luck.

Fibre Broadband is the best way to improve our broadband connection and get the fastest broadband available from NZ internet providers.  From the cheapest fibre broadband NZ offers to award winning fibre broadband providers who are acknowledged as delivering the best fibre broadband NZ has available in the Broadband Compare Awards.  

Fibre broadband plan deals and fibre broadband offers that are exclusive to Broadband Compare can only be found on Broadband Compare.  Simple to use and quick and easy.  Just enter your address and we will query the NZ Broadband Map to find the best fibre broadband plan available at your property whether that is fibre broadband, VDSL broadband, ADSL broadband or a wireless broadband connection.

How do I get fibre installed in my NZ home?

So you've seen the signs all around you and the road or path dug up as the guys from your local fibre company (Enable in Christchurch area, Ultrafast Fibre in Hamilton/Waikato, Northpower Fibre in Whangarei and Chorus in the rest of the country) have been laying the new Ultra fast broadband network... but how we hear you ask can you get the fibre in the road to be fibre in your house?

Well... this handy guide will explain just that! 

First off - be warned... it is NOT a two minute job to get a new house connected onto the fibre network but it will be worth the wait believe you me! ULTRA FAST BROADBAND is, ironically, well worth waiting for!

The main steps to get your property on the UFB network in New Zealand are outlined below. One of the most important steps is of course to first off compare fibre broadband providers in NZ and ensure you have the best broadband deal available. 

We find that Broadband Compare NZ helps with that! Compare Fibre Broadband plans here.

Got a plan?  OK.  The next step to getting the actual ultra fast broadband connection into your house is not handled by your NZ Internet Service Provider, but is instead managed by the company that own and operate the actual network under the road. In most cases this company is Chorus. Chorus have connected tens of thousands of NZ homes and NZ businesses to their Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) network. The fibre install process is as easy as ABC - Agree, Build, Connect - but there are some small bits of life admin that you need to jump through.


Firstly, the local fibre company represetative will need to meet with you to discuss and agree how they will connect your home to the ultra fast fibre broadband network and they will be instructed to contact you by the ISP you have chosen to order your fibre broadband connection started.  Once you have ordered your new fibre connection online or over the phone the fibre broadband network manager will contact you to arrange the start of the next steps. It is worth bearing in mind that if you live in a Rights of Way, apartment building or your business is based in shared premises you will need to seek consent from your neighbours, landlord or body corporate before anyone can begin installing fibre broadband.

The NZ broadband provider will book a day and either morning or afternoon for the broadband network technician to meet with you at your home or business to begin the installation process. It is worth keeping in mind that this is a completely new fibre network all across NZ and as such there is a bit of work to be done... liken it to getting a new sink put in, there is some planning needed and it can't just be done from thinking about it to getting it all complete... there needs to be a way to get the fibre from the street to your home or business, and inside your property. Chorus (or the local fibre company) will need to walk through the install process with you and get your agreement on how they are going to bring the fibre from the street to your property and where they will then install the new equipment in your house.


After that... they follow the A, B, C.







First thing to note is that you should really look to allow an hour for this visit and the fibre broadband network provider WILL need you to be there.  The local fibre company will contact you to confirm a time to meet at your home or business to discuss and walk through what’s involved to install fibre into your property and get you connected to NZ ultra-fast broadband network.

As we said before, this visit will take around an hour and they do need you to be at home to walk you through the install process. Generally, the fibre network provider will confirm a morning or afternoon appointment with you first, then the fibre technician will call the morning of the day of your appointment to set a specific time with you. Allow one hour for this visit.

Once they have confirmed a time with you, the fibre broadband technician will meet with you at your property to walk through the installation process with you and plan your fibre install. This will include what they need to do to get the fibre from the road to the outside of the building and where they will install new equipment inside your property.

How the fibre is installed from the new network in the street to your property is largely determined by how your existing services are delivered (via a buried pipe, aerial cable, etc). For example, if you have an aerial cable now it is likely that they will replace it with a fibre aerial cable. At the end of the walk through they will ask you to agree to the install plan outlined by the fibre broadband technician and sign the UFB installation consent form.

The technician will discuss the next two steps in the install process - Build and Connect - with you whilst at the property.


What is included in your NZ fibre broadband install?

For most residential properties including houses, homes in rights of way and within your apartment, you will not be charged to install fibre broadband and if there was a charge the NZ ISP will often pay it. Included in the fibre install are the following:

Connecting your property to the NZ fibre broadband network in your street via the most appropriate method as determined by the fibre service technician

Reinstating and repairing any surfaces that have been disturbed to install the fibre cable

Installing the external termination point on the outside of the property

Installing the optical network terminator inside your property

Connecting your NZ fibre broadband provider's modem

Testing your fibre broadband connection to ensure that everything is working

If you live in a retirement complex or apartment block it is worth checking costs as there may be charges from your NZ broadband provider to cover connection costs at their end.

Not included in your NZ fibre broadband install

A few common requests are not covered as a standard fibre broadband installation but may be available at a cost.

Requesting another install option from the road to the property e.g. if you chose to remove aerial cable and replace with a trenched cable.

Electrical work to add additional power sockets - you will need to contract an electrician to do this work

Moving the optical network terminator after it has been installed - so think about where you want it!



This part is better... because you don't need to be present for this part of your fibre broadband installation. The broadband technicians won't need to access your home or business as all this work happens outside. The technician returns to install fibre from the street to the outside of your property as agreed in the installation walk through.

Whilst you don't need to be present for the build stage you will need to be contactable by phone just in case there are changes that come up which are different to what you agreed to on the walk through. Sometimes the fibre broadband provider will be able to complete the Build work on the same day as the Agree or Connect steps.



Now comes the exciting bit! ...but you do need to allow up to four hours for this visit and you do need to be present as it takes place in your house or office.

The final stage of the installation is the completion of your connection to the ultra-fast broadband network (YAY!). This is where the fibre broadband technician from the network will meet you at your property and complete the internal wiring and installation of the new equipment inside your property as agreed earlier.

As we said above, this part can take a little time and you should allow up to four hours for this visit - the broadband technician needs to complete the work inside your home or business and so they will call you the morning of your connection appointment to confirm their arrival time. From the time the technician arrives you will need to be present for the whole time that they are there.

Once they’ve installed the fibre equipment, the fibre broadband technician will test that it works and ensure that you’re all up and running. They will ask you to confirm that you are happy with the installation before they tidy up and leave you to start enjoying the benefits of ultra-fast broadband!

Check out this handy fibre installation video from Chorus as another explanation of the fibre installation process in NZ and check if you can get fibre broadband at your address for free right here on Broadband Compare.

Fibre broadband allows you to do more online in less time with minimal or no disruptions – it’s the future!. 

This internationally favoured broadband connection uses fibre optic cable, which house hundreds of strands of glass fibre to transport huge amounts of data at speeds not seen in any other connection type. Fibre performance doesn’t degrade over distance, so your broadband speed is consistent no matter how near or far your home or business is located from the exchange or cabinet which is a major advantage over ADSL and VDSL technology.

With most fibre broadband plans you can use multiple devices simultaneously to watch, listen, play, post, work and chat all at the same time without any loss of quality or buffering on any of the devices because the speed is so much greater.

Because it’s a new technology, home and medical alarms that run over your older copper phone line can be affected when you upgrade to fibre but there are some simple fixes available so if you have alarm services, let your broadband provider know so they can take the right steps to keep them working when you switch from copper to fibre.

Ultrafast Fibre speeds are generally listed by Upload/Download speeds, for example 100/3o.  This lists the download speed and then the upload speed.  An example, Ultrafast Fibre Broadband 30/10, the service has the ability to deliver Fibre speeds up to 30mbps downstream and usually 10mbps upstream.  Ultrafast Fibre 100/20 has the ability to deliver Fibre speeds up to 100mbps downstream and 20mbps upstream.  Fibre 200/20 can provide 200Mbps downstream and 20Mbps upstream. Gigabit Fibre Broadband 1000/500 can provide an amazing 1000Mbps downstream and 500Mbps upstream.

Actual speeds will be affected by various factors including NZ and overseas networks, the website that you are viewing, your modem/router and computer technology, internal home wiring and other environmental factors.  These factors affect ADSL and VDSL connections (older copper connections) much more than fibre.

Broadband Compare checks the New Zealand Broadband Map to give you up to the minute information on the best connection type that is available at your property.

Do I need Fibre Broadband?

No matter what your internet requirements, UFB or Ultrafast Fibre Broadband should certainly be considered if you can get it at your property.  It IS the future of communication in New Zealand and the government has invested billions of dollars in making us better connected.  It future proofs your property, increases property value and resell value and is particularly worth considering if you fall into any of the following criteria:

1. Have a large family or shared house which often has several people using the internet at the same time.

2. Have lots of connected devices.  These could be laptops, tablets, mobiles or smartphones, consoles, smart TV’s etc

3. Regularly download movies, music or TV to watch offline or save

4. Use film or TV streaming sites like Netflix, Neon, Lightbox or SKY GO 

5. Watch online streaming services in high-definition (HD)

6. Download and play video games that require an internet connection for gameplay

7. You currently have ADSL or VDSL broadband, and find that you are having problems or speed issues meaning that it just isn't fast enough for your needs

If a one or more of the above apply to you, then you should definitely look at switching to a new fibre broadband plan. The higher the download speed in the fibre broadband plan, the smoother these activities are likely to be.

However, if you live by yourself or in a couple who use the same device or watch the same shows, or you just use the internet for light web-browsing (news sites, TradeMe etc), social media (Facebook, Instagram) and email, for example, it may be worth considering cheaper broadband plans.

Either way, make sure that you use Broadband Compare to do your homework before you make a decision in order to help you to weigh up your options before signing up to get a good idea of what you need and then compare broadband deals to find the perfect balance between speed and affordability.

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