Naked Broadband

If you are among the millions of New Zealanders who want to ditch their landline in favour of a mobile phone, but who still need affordable fixed-line internet, Naked Broadband could be exactly what you are looking for.

‘Naked’ means the absence of home phone line, which is usually required to connect to a broadband plan. Usually, you would need a landline to get any broadband service, but with Naked Broadband you strip away this commitment.

DSL means Digital Subscriber Line, just like it does in more-familiar acronyms: ADSL or VDSL. ADSL or VDSL is still a very common form of fixed-line broadband connections in New Zealand. Put the two terms together and you have Naked ADSL or Naked VDSL – a fixed-line broadband that will deliver decent speeds, but without the additional cost of a home phone line.

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