How much is loyalty to your provider costing you?

Informed choice abut broadband
Thursday, April 15, 2021

How long has it been since you checked the deal you are getting on your broadband plan? In the broadband world, we have seen our customers unfairly pay the cost of being on legacy plans, or struggling to understand which company is offering the best broadband plan for them.

Broadband Compare is all about providing a fair, informative and helpful way to choose a new broadband plan. We’re passionate about creating a world where a full informed choice is the only choice.

To put it simple, we exist to help people make the right choice when it comes to broadband!

How has the broadband market change in recent years?

A key trend that we’ve seen in the broadband market is that loyalty to the same provider doesn’t guarantee that you are paying a fair price, or getting the right type of service.

There are over 100 broadband providers in NZ, all competing for new customers, offering more choices, at generally lower prices. In fact, as internet providers offer great deals to entice new customers, it seems that the more loyal you are the more you pay!

This means that there are potentially hundreds of thousands of households in New Zealand on ‘legacy plans’ who are paying more than they should for outdated services. Older copper-based ADSL and VDSL broadband plans are also likely to be replaced by the new Fibre broadband plans and some customers may be forced to chance.

But, as technology changes, new deals, services, and add-ons like streaming services come up – how can you be sure which option is best? In this new ‘switching’ marketplace – those don’t feel tech-savvy, or confident in how to make an informed choice are often paying the price.  

How do you know if you are on the right type of broadband plan?

Here are some signs that your broadband plan may not be the best option anymore:

  1. You have a data cap: If you still have a plan with a data cap, where you get charged for using too much data, there may be a better ‘unlimited’ option available.
  2. You experience buffering: If you stream movies or TV shows on services like TVNZ, Neon, Lightbox or Netflix and you regularly experience buffering or lagging (where the show freezes for a few seconds before starting again).
  3. You’re an empty nester: If you’ve recently become an ‘empty nester’ and your children have moved out of home. If they were heavy broadband users you may be paying for more broadband than you need.
  4. You’re on an ADSL or VDSL plan. If fibre has recently rolled out in your neighbourhood, it’s likely that you’ll pay less for a fibre plan (and receive a better service). It may be worth setting up fibre now before you are forced to upgrade in a few years
  5. You want better service from your broadband provider. Telecommunication companies are one of the most complained about service providers in New Zealand. We include thousands of customer rankings and feedback on different providers, so you know what to expect.

How to choose the right broadband plan is you live in a 1 or 2 person home

  1. Think about how you use the internet – are you a heavy or light user? Need some help figuring out which broadband speed is right for you? Check out our guide here
  2. Compare broadband plans every year. Check your plan every 1-2 years when your contract is due to be renewed. This can be as simple as entering your address in our address checker to see what’s available in your area.
  3. Make an informed choice. That’s where we come in! We can help you compare the options together in one place to make an informed choice about which option is best for you.

We believe everyone should be able to make an informed choice about broadband

At Broadband Compare we believe that everyone should have the information they need to make an informed choice about their broadband plan. And, although we’ve worked hard to make sure it’s easy to compare plans and switch on our website, we understand that some people prefer to do it the “old fashioned” way and talk to a real person.

That’s why we’ve also worked hard to grow our customer support team. Our friendly team are waiting by the phones in our Auckland office – ready to talk you through the options, answer questions, and help you make an informed choice about the best plan for you.

We’re not just about selling you the cheapest deal with all the bells and whistles – we’re here to help you choose the best plan for you. Simple!

Call us today on: 
0508 2COMPARE (0508 226672)


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