Broadband Outages - There's a storm brewing...

20 February
Broadband Outages - There's a storm brewing...

There’s a storm brewing! …but Chorus has already begun the preparation work with the expectation across New Zealand that heavy rain and severe gales over the coming days could result in power outages in affected areas for an extended time.  In times of emergency, the broadband network becomes more important than ever and with the risk that the rough weather could result in slips and the like preventing ready access to parts of Chorus’ network that may require immediate repairs. 

To prepare for the adverse weather systems the Chorus operated generators in its exchanges have all been thoroughly checked and re-fuelled.  There have also been additional portable generators deployed to a number of locations where the weather is expected to be at its worst. These generators are used to supply power to cabinets without mains or battery power should connectivity be lost.

Chorus has also been preparing by getting in contact with a number of the different lines companies, councils and Civil Defence to relay their emergency plans and ensure a good line of communication (no pun intended) between the various involved parties.

Chorus’ service companies have also made special arrangements and they have a plan to increase the number of technicians available so they can deal with any broadband outages as quickly as possible.

Should the worst happen and broadband outages arise then in the event of outages, technicians will prioritise medical escalations as soon as they are raised by retail phone, broadband and internet service providers.

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