Are Broadband Providers on the top of your list of things to complain about?

TDR top complaints about telecommunications providers
Thursday, April 15, 2021

Telecommunications providers and carriers have long been one of the services that consumer complain about the most. In fact, telecoms services topped the list of consumer complaints to the Commerce Commission every year since 2016, only to most to second place in 2019/2020 when Covid-19 complaints about Travel moved to the top spot.

In our increasingly connected world it’s unsurprising that broadband is so high on the list of complaints. We rely on our broadband connections more than ever for entertainment, staying connected with friends and family, and for work.

Top customer complaints about broadband

According to Telecommunications Dispute Resolutions these are top 5 issues consumers complain about when it comes to telecoms services:

  • Customer Service (45%)
  • Billing (27.2%)
  • Faults (7.3%)
  • Network Performance (6.5%)
  • Credit Management (6.3%)


Should New Zealanders be so dissatisfied with Broadband services?

In a market with over 100 internet providers across the country, we think there is no reason for people to be unhappy with their service provider! Don’t put up with poor customer service, billing issues or poor network performance.

Broadband Compare can help you compare more than 1200 broadband plans from nearly 100 internet service providers. We bring all the information together, so you can easily compare plans from different providers side-by-side. Simply enter your address in our address find to start comparing plans available in your area.

And, in such a competitive market, customers have more power than ever to switch away from a broadband provider who is offering poor service. Check out customer reviews from Broadband Compare users, to help give you peace of mind when choosing a new provider.

Or, avoid getting tied into a long contract with a new provider and try out a no contract plan

Compare Broadband Plans

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