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When we are asked for the best broadband deal in New Zealand, it is a difficult question to answer... because the question needs some context. 

The Broadband Compare website is a consumer empowerment tool to help you, the user, find the BEST BROADBAND DEAL for YOUR particular set of requirements.  To help with that, the Broadband Compare website uses the Broadband Compare rating.  This is a star rating from 0-100 which is calculated by a complex mathematical algorithm that calculates the best value broadband for your particular broadband requirements... and thus the best broadband plan for YOU.

There is no clear winner of the question 'what is the best broadband plan in NZ' or ‘who is the best broadband provider in NZ?’ but we do work with certain partners who offer broadband plans that, here at Broadband Compare, we believe are some of the best in their general class.  

If you are looking for some quick offers and highlights of what is about at the minute then below we have highlighted below a selection of Broadband Plans that we regularly recommend.  We would of course still encourage you to enter your address and compare broadband fully to get all the options.

Some of our Favourite Broadband Plans

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